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If you have a family, you need life insurance. It's not for you - it's for their financial peace-of-mind in the event you die. At Red Lake County Insurance, we'll help you calculate how much coverage is needed for your spouse and children if you die.


Life insurance covers funeral expenses, but it also covers any remaining debt, estate taxes, college educations, and the loss of your income for years to come. Life insurance benefits can actually help your family for generations.

Financial peace-of-mind is assured with life insurance

Ensure your family business goes to your survivors

If you have a family business and you want it to pass to a particular survivor, the right life insurance will ensure that it occurs. We even have life insurance products that pay benefits to you while you're alive! If you're on a budget, life insurance is even more crucial, as it will prevent your survivors from financial ruin.


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Life insurance is important for your family's security